Christmas 2013: Lennox’s Highlights

So, my grand plans of getting lots of Christmas posts together this year just didn’t happen after the holiday! So in an effort to at least share a few photos from Christmas day, I wanted to do a quick little photo dump – so that I can make sure there is something to look back on next year!

I woke up before Lennox did on Christmas morning and got breakfast going (sausage roll!) but once Lennox woke up and was ready to go Kyle went up and got her out of her room and this was her first look at what Santa had brought to her!

IMG_0971Santa brought her some soft and loveable disney character stuffed animals…

IMG_0986and of course the 3 rubber duckies that she had nicely asked for when she saw Santa!

IMG_1010Lennox also got her very own video game system (a secondhand Vtech Smile console). She loves this because now she can play and daddy can’t ha!

IMG_1001Lennox had a great morning and was excited for the day to continue. Before we continued I had to make sure I got a photo with my little munchkin!

IMG_1097After Christmas at our house, we headed over to my sister’s house for some cousin, aunt and grandparents time! Of course, there were more presents. She got a lot of fun toys there that she had wished for, including her very own Ring around the Rosie Mooshka Doll – she was so excited!

IMG_1109IMG_1116After that we then had one more stop to go. It was a BUSY and FULL day of family, fun and love! We headed to Kyle’s moms house where she got her Cuddles the Monkey. This thing is seriously cute!


It was a fantastic and busy day! I hope I can share even more about it this week – but this is my quick update! I hope everyone else had a wonderful holiday as well and I look forward to seeing all the photos of your children’s excitement!IMG_1185


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