Christmas Handprint Wreath

Time for another Christmas craft – because, now that Lennox is out of school – we have to find things to keep her busy! For this craft we made a Hand Print Christmas Wreath!

Little Hands Christmas Wreath, Handprint Christmas WreathThis is a super easy and not too time consuming holiday craft for kids. Lennox’s attention span is still short, and she was able to handle this one pretty well.

What you will need:

  • Green & Red Construction Paper
  • Glue
  • Paper Plate
  • Scissors
  • Pencil / Pen
  • String / Ribbon

How to make a HandPrint Christmas Wreath

Step One: Trace your child’s hand (or have them trace their hand if they can do it themselves) onto a sheet of construction paper. Try to get as many hands to fit on one sheet as you can.

christmas-handprint-wreath-step1Step Two: Once they have filled the sheet – cut the handprints out (but cut multiple sheets at one time. I cut 4 or 5 sheets at once and only had to cut it all out once.

christmas-handprint-wreath-step2Step Three: Take a paper place and cut the middle out. You can use an exacto-knife for this if you have one. If not, then just cut a little cut in one side and then cut a circle out of the middle. I then taped the little cut back up at the end – but not really necessary!

christmas-handprint-wreath-step3Step Four: Once all the hands are cut out and the paper plate is ready – place all the handprints on the circle and glue them together and to the plate. I went through and glued everything on and then went back through and lifted up a few edges to make them a little more flat / secure.

Handprint Christmas WreathStep Five: After the glue is dry, attach a string or ribbon and hang up – that’s it! Easy enough right?

Little Hands Christmas Wreath, Handprint Christmas WreathIf you are looking for another Christmas craft – check out these handprint snowmen ornaments!

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One thought on “Christmas Handprint Wreath

  1. Tammy

    What a simple but cute idea! I think I might try this with felt, if you have two or three children it would be fun to make each of their ‘hands’ a different color (add white for a third child?).


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