DFW Ice Storm December 2013

You probably have heard on the weather or news that North Texas has been closed down since Thursday night. Thursday night through Friday morning – it was a downpour of freezing rain / sleet. It looked like snow – but it’s not snow – its little ice pellets – almost like tiny little hail. Since it went on for so long and the temperatures kept dropping, when we woke up in the morning – it was a winter wonderland outside, but although it looks like snow – it was one solid block of ice – everywhere you looked.

neighborhood-keller-dfw-ice-stormice-storm-december-2013-dfw ice-storm-dfw My car had 1-2 inches of ice covering it, the ground was hard as a rock, tree limbs were weighed down and snapping – the metroplex was paralyzed. Friday everything closed down – schools, businesses, holiday events so we were stuck in the house.Some places this wouldn’t be as bad but we don’t have sanding trucks, salt trucks, plows, etc here in Texas – or not many of them at least, so it’s a mess!

ice-storm-car-covered-in-iceAs the day went on – the temperatures just kept dropping and by Saturday morning, the temperature was about 12 degrees but felt like 2. BRRR! Not much of any melting happened during Saturday and then Saturday night we had Freezing Fog enter the area. Today, Sunday – the temperature is supposed to get above freezing at some point – so hopefully that will start the melting process. I’m unsure if there will be school tomorrow or not – I’m sure all the stir crazy parents are hoping there is while the kids are hoping there won’t be! lennox-playing-in-ice-stormlennox-playing-in-icelennox-ready-to-playIn the meantime – we have gotten some good winter playtime in outside and today hope to get some holiday crafts done! We may even venture out to the store to get a few things to eat and just get out of the house for a few minutes – but the store is only a half mile away so I think we’ll be ok!

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3 thoughts on “DFW Ice Storm December 2013

  1. Sarah [NurseLovesFarmer.com]

    We’ve never had an “ice storm” with that thick thick ice….and I hope all remained safe but I couldn’t help but snicker a bit because we are having -40 (same in F as C!) weather and we were literally snowed in with the worst blizzard we’ve had, ever for 4 days! 😉

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