DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament!

I love every single thing Christmas! If I could make and do everything I pin on Pinterest that is Christmas themed, I totally would! But there isn’t enough time for that so I will just have to pick out my favorites each season!

While we were stuck in the house due to the ice storm, Lennox and I made Snowman Handprint Christmas ornaments. They are super easy – but do take a little time since you have to wait for them to dry. We did them before nap time and then finished up after – so it worked out perfectly. I think they are a great gift to make for Christmas each year – write the date on the bottom and hand them out to family members!snowman-handprint-christmas-ornament

DIY Handprint Snowman Christmas Ornaments

Supplies Needed:

Snowman Handprint Christmas Ornament

  • Medium – Large (depending on hand size) Glass (or even shatterproof) ornaments. Lennox picked out pink – but you could use any color or clear!
  • White Acrylic paint that says it works on Glass – we got the DecoArt Glass Enamel paint – It’s only costs $1.50 or so at the craft store.
  • Permanent Markers for the details on each snowman
  • Optional – Button decorations (I used tiny pom pom balls)


  1. Squirt out some of the Acrylic paint onto a paper plate and let the little hands cover their palm and fingers in paint – you could even paint it on their hands if you like.snowman-handprint-ornament-step-1
  2. (Quickly) Place the ornament in their hand and have them gently squeeze the ornament. Tip: Try to get them to not move their fingers too much or you will get a big blob instead of 5 snowmen! snowman-handprint-ornament-step-2
  3. Place the ornament upside down back in the tray they came in, and let dry. These take about 45 minutes to dry completely. snowman-handprint-ornament-drying
  4. Once dry, it’s time to decroate each snowman. I drew hats on each finger with a black sharpie. The same for the eyes, mouth, scarf and buttons. Use an orange sharpie for the carrot nose! snowman-handprint-ornament-step-3
  5. Optional Use tiny pom poms, beads, sequins, etc to embelish the snowmen’s buttons!snowman-handprint-christmas-ornament
  6. Let everything dry and then hang on your Christmas tree (or wrap for gifts) – that’s it! I wrote Lennox’s name and year on the bottom for future reference as well!

Check back later this month, as I will be sharing more DIY Christmas Ornaments!

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10 thoughts on “DIY Snowman Christmas Ornament!

  1. Tammy

    That is great – I love how it turned out – I’m going to pick up some supplies to do this with my nephews when they come visit over winter break.

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