Elf on the Shelf – 5 Minutes or Less

Our Elf on the Shelf is BACK! Lennox’s elf, HoHo, made his return last weekend after we returned from the Cape for Thanksgiving and got the trees set up.hoho-the-elf-arrivesLennox woke up and got to see that he was here right away. Her reaction this year?  A good one! hoho-arrives-lennoxs-reactionThe first day, “HoHo” showed up in her stocking on the mantle with his book and a note from Santa!  She was excited and wanted to read everything but only got a few sentences through both! She checked HoHo out all day – she even told him what she wanted for Christmas. She was a little disappointed he didn’t talk back – so I told her to go try again.. and when she wasnt looking, we “made him” talk. The excitement in her eyes when it happened was awesome! She was so excited that he would tell Santa that she wants 3 rubber duckies for Christmas! I think that day we also watched Elf on the Shelf on TV about 5 times!

Day 2 – Elf on the Shelf was busy overnight watching movies. We caught him digging through the movie drawer. Lennox’s reaction… ” I didn’t hear him watching his shows on the TV last night, did you?” Too cute.day2-moviesDay 3 – Lennox has a small pink tree that she decorated. HoHo landed next to the tree and used toilet paper as ribbon to help “decorate” the tree. Lennox’s reaction … She was NOT happy! She was mad that he “ruined” her tree! So I had to take the toilet paper off without touching HoHo — fun times!day3-toiletpaper-treeDay 4 – HoHo was having a lot of fun flying / ziplining across the living room. This one was a fun one! I tied fish line between two walls and had HoHo hanging on. Lennox thought it was really fun that she could walk under him and that he kept hanging on all day!day4-ziplining-flying-elfDay 5 – I was gone all evening until late at night at the Justin Timberlake concert so I left it up to Kyle to get HoHo ready after Lennox went to bed. He decided to have him hang out with Charlie Brown and the gang! Lennox turned the musical toy on and HoHo rocked back and forth on the sleigh with them!day5-sleigh-ride-charlie-brown-elfDay 6 – Today, HoHo has landed back at Lennox’s tree and has decorated her tree with a dozen rainbow candy canes. Lennox should love this one as she LOVES candy canes. I have never seen a kid eat a candy cane so fast! Chomp, Chomp, Chomp! Easy and quick!day6-candy-canes-on-treeI love trying some new ideas this year – but I don’t have time to make them too elaborate! I hope to share each Friday – all my fun ideas and how Lennox has reacted! Merry Christmas!

Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Ready in 5 Minutes or LessWhat placement / set up has your child liked the most so far? I’m always looking for new ideas!

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