Our Thanksgiving

This year, for the first time since I moved to Texas – we weren’t here for Thanksgiving and it was a great change. We headed back up to Cape Cod to spend the holiday is the Lovering bunch! This originally came to be the plan since Kyle had plans to go to the Patriots game the weekend before Thanksgiving. He went, he turned into a popsicle in the 10 degree weather, and he had fun – at one of the greatest Patriots game comebacks!

thanksgiving-dinner-tableAfter the game it was time to start planning for Thanksgiving! The day went great – and we had a group of 15 people over to my parents house. I don’t think my parents have ever hosted Thanksgiving before – always time for a first! Although the meal may be the highlight for some – playing with cousins was the highlight for Lennox.

Before the cousin’s came over – I introduced Lennox to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade… in our Sofia the First dress… of course! She danced around and watched for a while but it took too long to get to the character balloons so she lost interest after a while – we’ll try again next year!

macy-day-paradeWe changed into our turkey dress and we were ready to party! She wasn’t excited or anything 😉lennox-dressOnce Lydia showed up, it was the best day of her life! You may remember I shared a photo of Lydia at Lennox’s age a few months ago – and they are little twins. Well – seeing them together now there are a lot of similarities – It will be interesting to see if she keeps looking like Lydia as she grows up. If so – This is what she will look like! What do you think?lennox-lydia-playing lennox-and-lydiaHere are some more pictures from the day!

No time at Grandma & Papa’s is completely without some Lalaloopsy dollhouse play time (the boys almost play with it more than the girls, which is pretty funny!)


Lydia’s brother – Bodey – had his 7th birthday on Thanksgiving as well. We made sure to have a little birthday celebration for him as well.birthday-boy-bodey bodey-birthdayAfter party time – the kids all went outside, in the dark and FREEZING cold to run around and play “monster”. After a while they crashed and all were star gazing – it was the cutest.

Here is “the monster”!lennox-silly-outfitstargazing Soon it was time for Lennox and Lydia to say goodbye until next time. There were some tears shed and Lennox is still talking about her. I think they are now best friends. IT was the sweetest thing, Lennox just loves her 100%! lennox-lydia-hug cousins We had a fun trip to the cape and a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great and safe holiday with lots of good food, company and fun!

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