The Train to Christmas Town

Last week we were back on Cape Cod for Thanksgiving and wanted to start doing some Christmas activities with Lennox – so we headed out to the Cape Cod Railway for the Train to Christmas Town. The Train to Christmas Town is similar to the idea of the Polar Express or North Pole Express that we went to last year, but this is a different story and a little more involved for the kids! train-to-christmas-townThe Train to Christmas Town book is about a little girl, Janice – who each year, takes the train ride with her brother and grandmother but this year, her grandmother can’t go and she is nervous. She has her backpack of surprises and the magical ride (and friends on-board) ease her worries and she still has a great ride.train-to-christmas-town-booklennox The train ride itself was put together nicely. You arrive at the train depot and get your tickets. Our seats also came with a nicely gift wrapped book for Lennox and in our train car, we received a souvenir bumblebee mug, cookie and hot chocolate!train-to-christmas-town-souviner-bumblebee-muglennox-ready-for-train-to-christmas-towntrain-to-christmas-town-hot-chocolateWhen it’s time to board, the conductor informs you where to go and the journey begins! Once on-board, you will receive your hot chocolate and cookies from Santa’s Elves and the Conductor comes through and punches all the kid’s tickets with the initial of their first name!elves-train-to-christmas-towntrain-to-christmas-town-conductorOnce the train gets going, you will learn the Christmas Town song, have the story read aloud to you by the elves and as the story goes on – each character (Bumblebee the Polar Bear, Wabash the Squirrel, and Zephyr the depot cat) will come aboard the train to surprise the children! Lennox however was too nervous to really meet any of the characters. By the time the train ride was ending, she did give them some high fives! They came through the train cars a number of times throughout the train ride, which was nice!squirel-train-to-christmas-town train-to-christmas-town-cat bumblebee-train-to-christmas-townAnd of course, after the story is over – there are some Christmas carols to be sang before reaching Christmas Town itself! You can see Christmas Town out the right side of the train windows – although you don’t get off the train, it was a nice touch.train-to-christmas-town-lightsA surprise guest is waiting at Christmas Town as well, the one and only Santa Clause!lennox-excited-on-trainsanta-on-train-to-christmas-town Santa boards the train for the ride back and visits with each child – and gives them a special surprise gift – a wooden train whistle. Here Lennox is with her Papa, showing off her new wooden train whistle. papa-and-lennox-on-train-to-christmas-townThe Train to Christmas Town is available on 3 different railroad lines – Buzzards Bay, MA – Alamosa, CO – Watsonville, CA and runs the week before Thanksgiving through the end of December. It is recommended you purchase tickets online prior to the day of the train ride to ensure everyone can sit together as they are reserved seats per ticket.

We had a fun time on this train ride and I would recommend it to anyone in the 3 areas that it runs. It’s a fun alternative to the Polar Express / North Pole Express!

train-to-christmas-town-heather-lennoxMerry Christmas!

Disclaimer: I received complimentary passes for myself and family in return for this review. All photos and opinions are 100% my own.

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4 thoughts on “The Train to Christmas Town

  1. Nova

    Just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it! I’m a Cape Cod girl myself (Falmouth) and am currently landlocked in Salt Lake City, Utah. We’ll be back on the Cape for Christmas & I was thinking of doing this very activity – thanks for the post 🙂

    1. Heather Post author

      Awesome! Glad to find another Cape Codder! It was a fun train ride – I hope you enjoy your trip to the Cape! My cousin lives in SLC w/ his family – It’s real nice there too!

  2. Peggy Ellis

    Thanks for this lovely story of your train ride! I am the author of the book and loved seeing your daughter’s reactions. I would love to include link to this on my webpage if you wouldn’t mind!


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