A Look into 2014…

2013 was a busy year full of traveling, family events and lots of fun and hard work. 2014 I don’t think will be any different but will include a number of fun trips, milestones and accomplishments.alookinto2014

First off, in just 8 short weeks, Kyle will be DONE with college! Some of you may know that he went back to school a little over 2 years ago to finish his Bachelors degree (He was unable to finish prior due to his dad passing and other circumstances). I couldn’t be prouder of him for being so close to finishing! It has been a long and busy road for him between working full time, being a dad to a toddler, a husband and full time student – but he’s managed to do well and get through it all!

Second, we will be welcoming a new nephew into the mix in June! I can’t wait to see Henry’s little brother and Lennox’s baby cousin! Lennox and the new babe could have the same or very close birthday’s as well!

Third, we will have some fun family vacations going on! Kyle and I will be heading to San Antonio for a little mommy/daddy getaway this month, in June we will be heading to Colorado for a week for Kyle’s graduation and a family vacation in the mountains! Then we most likely will be heading to Ohio at some point for a family wedding and hopefully to Cape Cod for some much needed beach time as well! It will be a fun year of travel again and hopefully we can mix even more weekend getaways in there with Lennox!

On the blog side of things, I will continue to work hard to grow my readership and bring all of my readers like you interesting posts, fun giveaways and reach out to some of you for help and ideas along the way! I have committed to the 365 photo a day project with a group of bloggers (Check back next Friday for post #1) and I can’t wait to see how Lennox grows throughout the year through photos.

Personally, I know there will also be some changes and adjustments to learn and grow with at my full time job, but I am looking forward to seeing where this path will lead and how I can be part of a “new world” at work.

I’m sure there will be a number of other surprises and adventures along the way, but I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings and to soak it all in as it comes!

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