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Last year, I participated in a great photo series called, Catch the Moment, where bloggers are grabbing their DSLR camera’s more and trying to catch the everyday moments rather than just the big events or trips! This has been a great way for me to get some candid shots of Miss Lennox and family and work on my photography and editing skills.

Just before the start of 2014, I was asked to participate in a new series formed from Catch the Moment, a 365 Photo Project; Catch the Moment 365 (#CatchTheMoment365). I had started one like this a few years ago, but only made it 100ish days into the project; so now that I have a nice camera and I have decided to commit to this, I can’t wait to see where the series goes.

The Catch the Moment 365 series is hosted by Sarah from Nurse Loves Farmer, Mindy from Simply Stavish and Stephanie from Behind the Camera and Dreaming!

Nurse Loves FarmerSo how does this work? Each day, for the next 365 days, grab your camera and start snapping away. Don’t be afraid to take your camera with you wherever you go, you never know when you’ll see the perfect shot! Mix it up, it doesn’t have to be of your child or someone in your family – it could be an object, the sky, a plant, toys, pets, anything! Use this as an opportunity to make a goal with your photo taking – whether it is learning to shoot in manual mode, learn more about iPhone photography, editing, etc. My personal goal is to work more on my indoor and manual photography, as well as editing in RAW rather than JPG.

Each Friday post the photos from the past week and link up with the hosts! I personally will be writing a little blurb about each picture, so that I can in a way have a memory in both photo and writing for each of the next 365 days!

So grab your camera and join in! Check back next Friday for the first group of my 365 Photos!

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17 thoughts on “Catch the Moment – 365 Project

  1. Jennifer

    I love this! So often when I’m out running errands and such, I see what could be an incredible shot… but I either don’t make the time or I don’t have my camera with me! I think I’ll make it a goal to always bring it with me 🙂


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