continents of the world montessori work printable

Continents of the World – Montessori Printable

At the end of the semester, Lennox was learning about the Continents of the World. At school they have cards for matching to learn which continent is which. I decided to remake these at home for Lennox to try out, and I thought I would share them with you as well.

Below is the printable that you will need to use. Print out two copies. On one copy, cut out each continent and keep the name attached. On the second copy, cut out each continent, and cut the name off. This gives your child a few options on how to use this work. They can either match the continents by shape with name, color to color or shape to shape.

continents of the world montessori work printableTo try this Montessori work out at home, Download the Montessori Continents of the World Printable Activity Sheet and give it a whirl!

The sheet includes the directions, but here they are again:

  1. Print out both sets of continents.
  2. Cut out each continent card.
  3. On the first set cut apart the name from the picture of the continent. This will give you three different activities.
  • Matching continents (picture to picture)
  • Match name to picture
  • Match picture to name and to matching picture/name

If you have card-stock or a laminator, this will last longer, but no reason you can’t just use regular printer paper!

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7 thoughts on “Continents of the World – Montessori Printable

  1. mel

    wow, I don’t think our schools around here get into that until 4th grade or more! But I love this, we’ve started to teach Lexie her town and state so we’re working on it.

    1. Heather Post author

      Montessori school is very ahead of the average public school system. Lennox should know how to read, write and do some math by the time she enters public school for K or 1st – it will be a very strange transition I’m sure. you should try some of these printables with Lexie – she may amaze you!

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