Paper Towel Roll Heart Stamp Valentine Craft

This weekend, was our first weekend without a ton of plans, or house guests (although we miss our house guests..aka my parents, very much!) we had to keep Lennox busy. So on Sunday I had a bunch of crafts planned for her to have fun with. She loves getting down and dirty with paint – ha!

I will be sharing all the crafts we did, but first up today will be the Paper Towel Roll Heart Stamps. This craft is probably one of the cheapest crafts you can do with kids of all ages – it’s great for very young children – as well as older that want to expand on it a bit or experiment with making patterns, mixing colors, etc.


valentine craft paper towel roll heart stampsWhat will you need for this project?

  • Empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  • Tape
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Glitter (optional)

Make a heart out of one end of the paper roll and then tape it in place – every one that you make will be a little different of a heart shape, which is fun and nice! I then took the paint, and put different colors on disposable plates (easy clean up!). You can use the same paper roll heart for all the paint and mix, or have a different heart for each color. I had a different heart for each color.

IMG_2667Once everything is all set up – just dip the hearts into the paint and let your little one use them like stamps on white paper, canvas – whatever you want to paint on! I used white card stock this time.

heart-stamps-paper-rollLennox went through each color one by one and stamped away. Each stamp came out differently and she was able to do it on her own.

stamping hearts with paper towel rollIMG_2669The more paint you have, the better they seem to come out! Once she got all the hearts on there she wanted – we added a little extra sometime — Glitter! What little girl doesn’t love glitter, right?

heart-stamps-craft-glitterAnd that’s it! Let it dry and you’re done! It’s simple and quick – so it will old your little one’s attention. We did 4 sheets worth of hearts – Lennox had a good time and I hope your kid(s) will too!   heart stamps

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