Planning for Aspen with FIJI Water!

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This winter we are planning for our summer family vacation to Colorado. This vacation comes with a number of reasons; first off – we are heading to Denver so that Kyle can graduate from school! He has been working so hard at school for the last 2 1/2 years, that it’s finally time for him to wrap up his last classes in 6 weeks and be DONE! Secondly, since we have to travel out there – we figured we mine as well make a vacation out of it and take some time to relax and enjoy each other as a family. So we have decided to head outside of the city of Denver after Graduation and head to some of the ski resort towns to check them out. We have figured out exactly where we are going to stay yet – but I know for sure that I want to stop by Aspen to check it all out.

I have always wanted to see Aspen. I’m sure it is amazing in the Winter compared to the Summer but, we aren’t skiiers so summertime will have to do for now! I recently found out that FIJI Water has been featured different cities from around the world to visit – showing off the best places to eat, drink, sleep and play! Aspen was one of the featured cities from around the world, along with New York City, London, Austin, Singapore and Hollywood (plus many others!). You can find the Aspen guide here: Earth’s Finest City Guide – Aspen.

Here are some of the highlights that FIJI Water pulled together!


The White House Tavern – Looks like a great pub / tavern setting to grab a burger for lunch or casual dinner and is still family friendly! The White House Tavern also apparently features a wide range of beers on tap from the local brewery in Fort Collins.


Another options of something to do is to take a hike through their beautiful landscapes, woods and mountains. I just love the pictures of these trees. We couldn’t take a long hike with Lennox but no reason we can’t take a little walk through the woods – It would be something different she has never experienced; since we live in the land of no trees!


Hitting Aspen on a Saturday would be a highlight as well – the Saturday Market (Farmers Market) looks fantastic. The market features local produce, fresh pastries, and handcrafted goods.


And lastly, where to stay? The Viceroy Snowmass looks amazing! It is fancy, high class and luxurious while still being surprisingly family friendly – sounds like the perfect combo if you want to stay at a nice hot spot while still having your children with you!

There is so much more to Aspen then just skiing and I really look forward to checking it all out with my family this summer!

Have you ever been to Aspen? Do you have any suggestions or recommendations of what to do, eat, see with a kid?

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5 thoughts on “Planning for Aspen with FIJI Water!

  1. Censie

    Being a Colorado Native I am embarrassed to admit that I have never stayed in Aspen. Only driven through. It is a Colorado city I would love to take a Weekend Getaway too.

  2. Christie

    I’ve never had a deep desire to see Aspen, or even Colorado for that matter. However, the picture of the birch trees is beautiful!! I have a feeling Aspen just might be a photographer’s dream. Enjoy your trip!


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