Teams of Tomorrow Performance

Last Thursday, Lennox had her first performance for any type of extra-curricular activity in front of a large group! She is in TOTs which is Teams of Tomorrow.

TOTs Performance 2014It is a basketball skills / team building group that she has each Tuesday afternoon at school. Their first performance was at the local middle school basketball halftime show. Lennox was a tad nervous, as was I (for her) but she did a great job!
TOTs Performance 2014TOTs Performance 2014At home, she would never practice or even talk about TOT class, other than she liked it. Every time we ask her to show us what she learned, she says no or tries and just can’t do it at all. Well – she sure fooled us. She did everything so well and she was out there having a good time with her friends.TOTs Performance 2014She looked so cute out there on the basketball court (or stage as she would call it). Here is her performance video!

Lennox has another performance next month at the Harlem Globetrotters – it should be a fun evening – I can’t wait to see how she does that time!

What type of extra-curricular activities are your kids in and have they performed in front of a large group? How did they do?

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7 thoughts on “Teams of Tomorrow Performance

    1. Heather Post author

      It’s great that Lennox’s school has activities like this come into the school so she can be involved, even though I’m still at work!

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