Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter Crafts for Kids

It may not be that cold here during the summer (although, sometimes it can be freezing!) but we still try to celebrate the winter season with Lennox. So I went looking on good ol’ Pinterest for some fun winter themed crafts for kids. I look forward to doing some of these soon with Lennox. I particularly love the red bird handprint canvas – I see this one in Lennox’s future!

Winter Crafts for KidsWinter Crafts for Kids

  1. Doily Snowman
  2. Footprint Snowman
  3. Egg Crate Snowman
  4. Let it Snow – Snow Globe
  5. Potato Stamp Snowman
  6. Handprint Red Bird
  7. Mitten Wreath
  8. Cold Hands, Warm Heart Heart
  9. Shivery Snow Paint
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2 thoughts on “Winter Crafts for Kids

  1. Sinea Pies

    Wow…thanks for providing this list. I am a grandma…so it’s great to have things to do with the grandkids….but I also am a newbie preschool teacher. I need lots of great ideas for the classroom. These crafts are on now on my projects list!


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