Winter Crafts for Kids

Winter Crafts for Kids

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It may not be that cold here during the summer (although, sometimes it can be freezing!) but we still try to celebrate the winter season with Lennox. So I went looking on good ol’ Pinterest for some fun winter themed crafts for kids. I look forward to doing some of these soon with Lennox. I particularly love the red bird handprint canvas – I see this one in Lennox’s future!

Winter Crafts for KidsWinter Crafts for Kids

  1. Doily Snowman
  2. Footprint Snowman
  3. Egg Crate Snowman
  4. Let it Snow – Snow Globe
  5. Potato Stamp Snowman
  6. Handprint Red Bird
  7. Mitten Wreath
  8. Cold Hands, Warm Heart Heart
  9. Shivery Snow Paint
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2 thoughts on “Winter Crafts for Kids

  1. Sinea Pies

    Wow…thanks for providing this list. I am a grandma…so it’s great to have things to do with the grandkids….but I also am a newbie preschool teacher. I need lots of great ideas for the classroom. These crafts are on now on my projects list!


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