Children’s Consignment 101: Buying Shoes that FIT

It’s consignment sale season and as I prepare to head to my semi-annual shopping spree at Just Between Friends Fort Worth, I finally decided to start a Consignment 101 series on my blog. It will probably span over multiple months/years as we continue to meet up with consignment sale seasons, but I hope the tips are helpful for both newbie and veteran consignment shoppers!

My first tip is how to buy shoes that actually fit your kids (without them being there!). When I shop consignment sales, my daughter does not come with me – 1, because children aren’t allowed in the presages and 2, it is SO much easier to shop without her there!!

Children Consignment 101 Buying Shoes that FIT

So what exactly is my tip and how do you do it? First off, trace your childs feet onto a piece of paper. You probably only need one foot but I did both just incase i either loose one at the sale or want to make sure something really will fit! Then you just need to cut them out and label which foot they are. Slip them into shoes as you are checking them out at the sale and you should be able to tell right away if it will be too small, too big or just right!

Children Consignment 101 Buying Shoes that FIT

Pretty fast and easy, right? I hope this tip helps everyone out. Look for more Children’s Consignment Sale 101 Tips coming soon!

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