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This post was created in partnership with Citi®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The Olympics are starting to wrap up and it has gone better than expected honestly! When it was about to start and I heard about everything that was going wrong, I was fearful for how it would go. But so far, I think it has gone pretty smoothly. I love the Olympics and it has been so fun to introduce all of these sports to Lennox for the very first time! She loved watching the skaters, she was yelling at the TV during speed skating (“Don’t Fall, Don’t Fall, Don’t Fall!!”) and she saw the athletes jumping through the air on skis – all so much fun! So when I heard that Citi was teaming up with the Olympic athletes, I knew it must be a good campaign!

So what is this? Well this campaign is called Citi® Every Step of the Way®. Nine U.S. Olympic and Paralympic athletes have teamed up with nine U.S. Olympic, Paralympic or Community program in need! Citi has donated $500,000 to the U.S. Olympic Committee to help these programs. Citi has now asked you to check out all of these athletes and programs and “vote” to see how the money will be spread out. It’s that easy, watch the video and click to vote – some of the athletes have even already met their goal – great news!

So who gets my vote? After learning about all the US Olympic athletes, my vote was for Erin Hamlin. Did you know that her dad heard about the sport and events from a 1999 advertisement and on the day of the event, Erin didn’t even want to go but her parents convinced her to go? Now look at her – she is a world champion and Olympic medalist! Erin Hamlin is the very first American to win an individual medal in luge! How awesome is that? Now after she is done going 80-90 MPH down the Luge track, she is helping give back with Citi to help others learn the background about the sport of Luge and her journey!

Now you can watch the Citi video and decide which story inspires you the most and click to vote for your favorite US athlete! Watch this video below and then go here:

So head on over before the Olympics end and vote for your favorite Athlete and athletic program for a community in need! GO USA! GO USA!

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