Do you know what today is?

… you may or may not know, but today is my Birthday.

My 30th Birthday!

I have barely even mentioned it – I can’t believe I’m 30! I tried to think of a clever post for my birthday, but really – I just haven’t had the time to be creative enough this week! So I decided to just share some pictures from my childhood – 30 years ago (whoa)! Who doesn’t love to see baby / little kid pictures, really?!

This is what I looked like 30 years ago! I wish I could say I was super cute.. but I’m just not sure about that – I don’t see myself in this picture at all actually!
2642_1105649435895_1355125_nHere I am dancing around, I must of been around 1 1/2 here.2642_1105648755878_6843244_n

Here I am, I think I’m waiting for Santa or something. Someone needed to brush my hair!

2642_1105649155888_8194453_nHere is one of my favorites — the lips! And my mom’s reactions! I must be around 3 here as well.

2642_1105648995884_8002206_nI must be about 3 or 3 1/2 here – Lennox’s age – with one of my first BFFs, Robbie.

16935_521594034900_6466579_nOh gosh, I loved this doll, Pamela. Did anyone else have her? She had little cartridges you but in her back and she would talk!

16935_521594024920_3217055_nOh you know, just crying on my bike….

2642_1105648955883_5947708_nI have a feeling my sister put me on the mailbox and then walked away! Gosh, I see a big Lennox here…

2642_1105714437520_4467755_nAnd here I am a little older with my Sisters! I’m sure my sister Kim will really love this one…   16935_521593999970_6597270_nI wish I had more pictures online from middle school and high school but I don’t seem to have any right now. I’ll have to dig them up! But now you have a little look back at what I was like as a kid. For a while I see Lennox in those pictures, but as I get older, I don’t see her little face.

Here’s to a great 30 and many more! I’m ready to take you on 30!

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