Let’s Make Laundry Easy!

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Making Laundry Easy!

Today, let’s talk about laundry. If you have children, you know how much laundry you accumulate in one week. I don’t know how such a little person can come up with so much laundry! It gets better as they get older, but remember how many changes of clothes you had to wash when you had an infant? Wow, so. much. laundry!!

uniformLike everyone else, we always seem to be so busy, I try to get all of my daughter’s uniform clothes clean on the weekends for the whole week. There is nothing like running out of clean socks or uniform shirts on Thursday evening! So I really try to get it all done before the week starts and saving time doing so, sounds really great! Well, I have found a way to say that time and that makes me happy because every second counts when raising a family! So let me tell you how…

Let's Make Laundry EasyTarget now sells something that is going to make your laundry routine that much easier and quicker; Tide Pods and NEW Gain Flings! Remember when dishwasher detergent companies started selling little tablets and pods that you could just put in the little compartment, rather than pouring in the power mix or squirting a bottle of goo into the dishwasher? It just made life that much easier. That is exactly what Tide Pods & NEW Gain Flings do! They are laundry detergent pods; pretty awesome right?

tide-pod-in-washerThese little pods contain just the right amount of laundry detergent that you will need. Tide Pods contain Tide Laundry Detergent, stain remover and brightener – all in one small pod. If you are looking for something even more fresh or in a different scent, try NEW Gain Flings! Just “fling” this little pod into the wash; Flings contain Gain Laundry Detergent, Oxi Boost and Febreeze! Clean, stay free and smelling good, this is how your clothes are going to come out!

tide-podA little kid sure can make a mess of their clothes, especially school uniforms, having something that is easy AND effective, really is great. I gave these pods for a test run (wash) and was so pleased with the results. We have a front loading washing machine, which usually you put the detergent in a top drawer, but with these pods you can throw them right into the wash and off it goes.

tide-pod-front-load-washerMy daughter’s uniform clothes, especially shirts, come home MESSY! We’re covered in grass/dirt from recess, a little food from lunch, paint from art class and who knows what else!! But when I tried out Tide Pods with her uniforms, they came out spotless, fresh and soft. I also washed her towels, favorite blanket and pajamas – everything looked good as new and super soft. There is nothing better than a nice clean and fresh smelling cuddly blanket after a busy day or long week!

IMG_3536 So if you are tired of all those detergent bottles taking up room in your laundry room, leaking when you put the cap back on, and having to buy multiple products, then throw them out and get to Target to buy Tide Pods or NEW Gain Flings!

laudnry-detergent-bottles-genericDon’t forget, little things like saving even a few minutes a week doing laundry, goes a long way. That is valuable time you could spend playing with your kids, spending time with your partner or even just RELAXING! The little things go a long way.      tide-pods-gain-flings

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