Frozen, Obsessed!

Frozen. I don’t know one little girl who isn’t OBSESSED with the movie Frozen. It really is quite a great movie. I will admit that I know all the words, to all the songs and have seen the movie, too many times and it’s not even on DVD yet. Lennox even asks me if its March yet, since she knows that’s when the DVD is coming out. Obsessed!

frozen-dollsWe have the Anna & Elsa dress, the Anna & Elsa dolls, and even a Frozen blanket for bed & nap time at school. She loves it so much.

I’ll put the music on in the car or at home and she will sing her little heart out. Sometimes she even acts out the scenes. Here is one of the first times she acted out the “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” song a few weeks ago. I just had to share the cuteness!

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9 thoughts on “Frozen, Obsessed!

  1. Mel

    it is such a good movie! we also know all the songs by heart and Lexie will randomly tell me (while playing pretend) “I want to be the sister that doesn’t freeze things!”

  2. Censie

    Oh man, the only thing that plays in my car on the way to daycare is the Frozen soundtrack. Jude knows every song by heart! Even Teagan is “singing” to the songs! We cannot wait for the movie to come out on DVD!!! Such a great movie!!


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