Handprint Winter Red Birds Scene

A few weeks ago, when we were doing a bunch of winter / valentine’s day crafts – we did another one that I have decided to turn into a 4 project series. I got some inexpensive canvas’ at the craft store and let Lennox help paint on them. I picture all 4 of these canvas’ handing together in a square somewhere in our house – maybe the office. Each painting will be a different season – so this one is for Winter and is Winter Handprint Red Birds (originally I found this via Pinterest and The Celebration Shoppe. I really love handprint pictures, as it will remind me how little she once was!

Handprint Winter Red Birds

Winter Handprint Red Bird Painting for Kids

Here is what you will need:

Handprint Winter Red Birds - What you will NeedWhat I did was first paint a tree with no leaves on the canvas for Lennox. Once dry, she painted her hands with red paint – she loves this part! Sometimes she doesn’t like to be messy, but when it comes to paint – she loves it!
lennox-painting-handOnce she has her hand all painted, she made two handprints, one on each branch) on the canvas. This is what we will turn into red birds!handprint-bird Then I turned the handprints into birds by adding in a beak, eye and legs. Lennox and I also painted snowflakes in the sky and snow on the tree branches – unfortunately you can’t really see that in the pictures – I used the silver paint for that. handprint-cardinalsMy plan for the next seasons picture may be birds on a budding tree, or skip the birds all together and make something else out of handprints – what do you think I should do for a spring scene?

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