paint splatter hearts valentines day craft

Paint Splatter Heart Craft

Time for another Valentine’s Day craft from our weekend of crafts the other week! Lennox really loved this one and it’s another one that you should have all the supplies at home for already. This craft is what we called the Paint Splatter Hearts. Paint Splatter Hearts - A Valentine's Day Craft for KidsFor this craft you just need paper (I used white card stock) and paint! I used Acrylic paints as they seem to be brighter and thicker.

splatter-hearts-step 1I cut out hearts, all different shapes and sizes. I gave Lennox the paints and let her squeeze all the different colors out onto the paper. No need to even get a paint brush out!

step-2-splatter-heartOnce all the colors were on there that she wanted, I told her to fold it in half and squish all the paint together.

step-3-splatter-heartAfter all the paint has been mixed together – Lennox started opening up the heart – she thought it was pretty awesome that all the colors were mixing. She kept closing it and opening it again, then squishing it together again until she got it to the look she wanted! You could use only a few colors and talk about mixing colors to make new colors.

lennox-opening-heartShe made a rainbow one and a more “valentine’s” day one  – at least according to Lennox! I forgot to get a picture but we even added glitter to one of them. Your options are pretty unlimited with this one and it gives your little the ability to do what they want, in a way!

final-heartMore crafts to come!

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