DIY Easter Egg Garland

DIY Easter Egg Garland

This weekend, Lennox and I put together a fun Easter decoration for our living room. It was so easy and kid friendly that I wanted to share it with you.

DIY Easter Egg GarlandDIY Easter Egg Garland for under $10

What You’ll Need:
Easter Egg Garland - What You Need

  • 5-6 packages of large plastic Easter eggs (88 cents a package at Walmart)
  • String, Yarn, Twine (whichever you have or prefer to buy!)
  • Large Dull Needle (plastic knitting needle may work as well)

1. Thread your needle with the twine. I found this really great pink twine in the Dollar Spot at Target. It was thick enough I knew it wouldn’t break over time (or when Lennox tugged on it!)
string2. You will notice that each egg has 2 holes in the bottom and two holes in the top – Start threading the string through 1 hole on the bottom of the egg.
threading-easter-eggs3. Pass the string through the middle and into one hole on the top of the egg, then close the egg. Finding eggs that have the two pieces attached, is helpful but necessary.
threading-top-of-easter-egg4. Continue doing this until you get the garland to the length that you desire.

plastic-easter-egg-garland5. That’s it! You now have an Easter egg garland to hang!

lennox-helping-make-easter-egg-garlandThis was a great activity to do with Lennox as well. Since I bought some needles that were pretty dull, I didn’t have to worry about her poking herself and she had no problem threading the eggs.

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