First Trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

This past Sunday morning, we headed out to Glen Rose, TX to check out the well-known Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Fossil Rim is a drive through safari style park, where the animals come up to your car and you can feed them. This is very similar to the Texas Style Wildlife Ranch – African Drive Thru Safari we did in New Braunfels last year.

As expected, it was a great experience and Lennox (and the whole family) had a great time. The weather wasn’t the best – a little chilly and raining by the time we left, but the park was pretty empty of other cars, so that was nice. Unfortunately the weather caused it to be a little too cold for the Giraffes to be out, roaming around. I can’t wait to try again on a nicer day and see if they will stick their head into our sun roof!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this trip!

Here is Lennox – up in the front seat and ready to find some animals. She loves that she can sit in the front or stand up to look out the sun roof! Its off the main roads and you go so slow, its safe for the kids to be out of their car seats!

fossil-rim-lennoxWe went by a bunch of these Aoudad’s. They have huge horns and these two were fighting with each other and got their horns all tangled up in each other. It was interesting to watch how they were trying to get apart. Hopefully they finally got apart safely!Fossil Rim - AoudadI caught this fun picture – Lennox was sitting on Grandma’s lap looking out for animals while it started to rain and I love how I caught her in the mirror. lennox-windowHere is Marty the Zebra! They stick their heads in your window and beg for food. DO NOT feed them from your hand – did you know that if they bite you hand, they could bite off the whole hand at the wrist in just one bite – bones and all? OUCH!!

fossil-rim-zebraThis is my all time favorite picture from the trip. I love seeing the Zebras. They are so interesting and pretty. Their hair and mane is so interesting looking – I tried capturing some of the details. fossil-rim-zebra-stripesHenry was brave enough to pet the animals in the petting zoo area, but Lennox – not so much! We’ll have to work up to it. fossil-rim-henry fossil-rim-feeding-animal This is Bob. Say Hi to Bob! Actually, he is probably just Addax #633, but Lennox and I named him Bob. I love his hair – it looks like he is wearing a toupée. they loved to be fed by us and kept coming back and following us down the road.Fossil Rim -  AddaxThis guy really wanted some food – he’s even foaming a little! I love seeing their antlers. I did not realize that they fall off once a year and then grow back. We some animals that had large antlers, some just starting to grow and some that had just fallen off!fossil-rim-01These big Emu birds look a little creepy — when they come right up to you, you are a little afraid they may peck you!Fossil Rim - EmuWe ended up purchasing a yearly membership so that we can go back over and over again – and each time, I’m sure the experience will be different! It’s such a unique and special way to see these animals – I’m excited to see how Lennox reacts each time; I know my nephew, Henry, absolutely loves it! If you are in the DFW area, you really should make a day trip to Glen Rose and check out Fossil Rim!


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13 thoughts on “First Trip to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center

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  2. Sara Chukoian @Green Travel Review

    I loved the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center the last time I visited. This post very well depicts all that the wildlife center has to offer. It was such a fun time and I encourage everyone who has yet to visit to do so! I love that you feel like you are on a safari and that you can get so close to the animals. Magnificent pictures. Great post, thank you for sharing!


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