3 Ways to Save Money when attending kids birthday parties

How to Save Money When Attending Kid’s Birthday Parties #ValueCards #shop


Lately, Lennox has been invited to A LOT of birthday parties for classmates. It’s great, she has so much fun at them and we get something to do on the weekend (almost every weekend lately) but it all adds up when you have to buy presents, cards, wrapping, etc. I have gotten into a routine of making sure I don’t overspend on gifts, as there are so many to buy! I am happy to buy each child a present and I love to see how much fun Lennox has at the parties, but it sure adds up! So, how do I save money and still attend all the birthday parties she is invited to?

3 Ways to Save Money when attending kids birthday parties

3 Tips to Saving Money When Attending a Kid’s Birthday Party

1. Find toys that are on sale or on clearance. This time of year (late winter) a lot of stores seem to be clearing out toys, making room for new ones so they are all marked down. Stock up now for the parties you know you will be coming up with. Lately we have found a lot of good toys in the Walmart clearance aisle, which normally would have been out of our price point for a birthday party present!

2. Save gift bags from any birthday parties you host. Most of the time, they look brand new still when you are done and honestly, the majority of parties we go to are girl parties so all the bags we have, work just fine! If you don’t have any gift bags available, the dollar store is great for this – you can find bags of all sizes for $1!

3. Cards! There is no need to spend another $3-5 on a Birthday card that the child may not even keep (although, Lennox keeps a box of all her old birthday cards!). I was always just getting our cards from the local dollar store but the quality isn’t that great. They are a little cheesy and look like they are cheap! Thanks to Walmart & Hallmark, I no longer have to do that; Hallmark has introduced Hallmark Value Birthday Cards! Here are some of the favorite cards we purchased:

Hallmark Value Birthday Cards from Walmart - Under $1 each.

Hallmark Value Birthday Cards are priced at 47 and 97 cents each – and actually come in a wide variety outside of Birthday as well! You can find the Hallmark Value Cards at Walmart in the regular card aisle! They have such a large selection and are all grouped together so you don’t have to worry about your child picking out a card that is $3.99 or more! Lennox loves to pick out just the right card for her friends!

Hallmark Value Cards in Walmart

We have 2 birthday parties come up these next two weekends so we made sure to grab gifts (in clearance) and cards for each! Her very best friend’s birthday is happening first so she picked out this super cute card – glitter and all (what kid doesn’t love a birthday card with glitter??)

Hallmark Value Birthday Card - Kid's Birthday

I think this card is so soft and sweet. The card is high quality looking and even has the glitter embellishment. The inside of the card is sweet as well and you can see how Lennox has been practicing her signature!


Hallmark Value Birthday Cards have many cards that are not kid related – you really can find a card for anyone. The cards come in plain printed cards, foil printed and glitter. This card below is a nice one for a boy and I love how the front is foil but the inside uses a nicely written and designed message. They look like more expensive cards than $.47 and $.97!hallmark-birthday-cardAnd since we don’t live near all our family, I made sure to pick up some cards for our family who Lennox will send presents to over the year! How cute is this Grandma card from a little girl?
Hallmark Value Card - Grandma Happy BirthdayHallmark also has a rewards program that you will want to join if you purchase many cards! The Hallmark Card Rewards program is very easy to use – you can enter your UPC # from the cards you purchase online or through the mobile app. Just scan the barcode and for every 5 cards you buy, you get 1 free!

hallmark rewards iphone app

Make sure you check out connectionsfromhallmark.com to sign up for Hallmark Rewards, and to see great content from other bloggers. Join in the #ValueCards conversation on Twitter!  This is a sponsored #shop post as a member of #CollectiveBias .

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5 thoughts on “How to Save Money When Attending Kid’s Birthday Parties #ValueCards #shop

  1. The Funster

    Having two daughters about 1 year apart, birthday parties are almost a monthly event. So finding cards and gifts at great prices is always a bonus! Your list of resources and ideas are very timely. Thanks so much for your post and for providing such great information!

  2. Kat Curling

    I definitely always reuse bags for parties as well as Christmas. no reason to get rid of them! I didn’t know Hallmark had a rewards program… I may have to check into that!


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