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Mom? Are You in There? A WatchBot Review

Everyone seems to have a video baby monitor now, but when Lennox was still in my belly and we purchased a baby monitor, we only got the sound one. Video monitors were few and far between and very expensive. I had always wanted one, but just never bought one. When I was sent one recently, the WatchBot, I was so excited to try it out!

We live in a two-story home with the master bedroom on the first floor and Lennox is on the second. Even though she is old enough not to have a video monitor and is out of her crib, etc – we can’t hear everything she is doing – and it sometimes is funny to just watch and see what she is doing up there. Lennox is a child that seems to love to play in her room by herself, especially at bedtime and when she wakes up in the morning. You will hear her singing songs, playing w/ her “babies” and reading books. Watching it all on the video monitor is great!

Watchbot Review

WatchBotWatchbot is a small and portable video camera that works via the internet as an IP camera. It can be used as a baby monitor, home security camera, business security camera, etc. You can also connect more than one camera to your network, to have different views of different rooms or areas. We are using it as a video monitor for our daughter’ s room though. I am REALLY impressed with this camera. The image quality is GREAT and we can view the video feed via our computer, iPhone and iPad! I can even view the feed when i’m not at home – great for traveling. All I need is the password to get into the feed.

In daylight and dark, the camera fully delivers. I love that at anytime i can pan the room to see what exactly Lennox is up to! It will do very close to a 360 spin so you see EVERYTHING!

Some additional features that make this a great video monitor for babies:

  • High quality video image and sound that is accessible with your unique login on any web-enabled device, giving reassurance wherever you are
  • Motion Sensor – The intelligent Motion Sensor gives you complete peace of mind. Your camera will send an alarm to your mobile phone with Picture Screen shots notifying you that motion has been detected.
  • Adjustable camera pan, tilt and speed functions so you can focus on your baby or check the surrounding area remotely
  • Built-in memory SD card lets you record specific areas and specific times, this is particularly helpful during the night or when you have a babysitter with your baby
  • Integrated microphone and speaker let’s you hear your baby and vice versa; when you are away from your child, hearing a familiar voice calms and reassures your child
  • The WatchBot can be operated wirelessly (WEP secured network only) removing potential wire hazards around your child
  • Crafted with durable materials and with a clean and contemporary design, the WatchBot can withstand everyday use and looks great in a boy’s or girl’s nursery.

Here are some sample images that I took while viewing the video feed on my iPhone. The app lets you take photos and record what you are seeing, pretty funny when Lennox is doing something silly, or when her cousin is staying with her!

watchbot video stillsBottomline? We love this camera and would highly recommend it to anyone! For additional information on the Watchbot and learn how you can purchase one too, check out their website.

Note: We received this product free in return for this post. All opinions are 100% my own. I really do love this product and use it daily!

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