Montessori Gardening Ideas

Montessori Inspired Gardening Ideas

“Children indeed love flowers, but they need to do something more than remain among them and contemplate their colored blossoms. They find their greatest pleasure in acting, in knowing, in exploring, even apart from the attraction of external beauty.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Gardening Day at Lennox’s school is coming up next week. Gardening is a large part of the spring / summer time in Montessori education. You may remember I posted about last year’s gardening day and this year will be our third year participating. I’m really looking forward to spending the morning at Lennox’s school and helping out with their gardening.

Montessori Gardening Ideas

With this reminder from school that it was time to start gardening, I thought I would share some good ideas I found for Montessori inspired gardening for kids at home!

DIY Plant Labels

I love these simple label cards. Draw (or print if you can’t draw well) a picture of each flower / vegetable / fruit that you are planting. Allow your child to color them the appropriate colors and then laminate them (so that they are weather proof).

Montessori Inspired Garden – Inside the Home

This post had some good ideas for creating a garden that is Montessori inspired, as well as how to teach the subject of plants, living things and the importance of gardening to children.

Montessori Inspired Garden in a Bucket

This pin is great, especially for our family. We don’t have a vegetable / fruit garden at our house – just a small flower bed in front of our house. It is so hot in the blazing sun that container gardening is sometimes better. This mom put together a great gardening activity for her children – garden in a box! I think I may try this out with Lennox – we always have one of these plastic buckets in the garage from cat litter!

For more Montessori gardening ideas, as well as other Montessori topics and some of my favorite pins, make sure to follow my Montessori Ideas board on Pinterest!

What type of gardening do at home with your children?

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