Spring is right around the corner… we hope!

Last weekend, our nephew, Henry, came over for a few hours to play with Lennox. The weather was beyond beautiful so we made sure to get outside and have some fun! The weather was close to 80 degrees. Yes, 80 degrees (followed by a day in the 20s… Texas is weird y’all!).

So what do you do when it’s nice outside with little kids? Sidewalk chalk of course! chalk



Lennox and Henry had fun coloring. Henry colored a picture for his soon to be little brother, “Fire trucky” and Lennox was coloring an apple (like on her shirt!). They kept helping each other and it was so sweet watching them play so nicely together. It’s so nice that they don’t fight much anymore; although, Lennox is quite the tattle tail! henry-lennox-chalkcousins-playing-outsidehenry-sidewalk-chalk

After a while, chalk was done and it was time to play some soccer, red light / green light and red rover! They had a blast, but you pretty much can’t play outside in shorts without getting a scratched knee, right? First of the season for Lennox…lennox-scratched-knee

I just like this picture – she is probably so annoyed with me taking pictures of her all the time. This is just her MOMM..REALLY? face!
lennox-mommmmmAnd just as we were going in, we spotted a “flower” growing in the front yard – among all the dead grass. Spring must be just around the corner… we hope!

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