100 Easter Basket Fillers

100 Last Minute Non-Candy Easter Basket Fillers

This year, I have tried to put a little less candy in Lennox’s Easter basket and more toys / gifts. She gets so much candy for other people in the family, I figured I (aka the Easter Bunny) would do something a little different!

I also am super excited about Lennox’s new personalized Easter basket. Each year Lennox had just had a basic basket – which is fine – but I love finding things with her name on it, since it’s not easy to find! This year her personalized Easter basket is from Lillian Vernon. If you waited until the last-minute and still want to get a personalized Easter basket, Wednesday is the last day to order from Lillian Vernon and still receive the basket in time for Sunday morning!

Personalized Easter Baskets by Lillian VernonThis basket is really nice and the best part is that the fabric liner comes off for cleaning and the handle folds down for storing. It’s always a little hard to store Easter basket from year to year, so being able to put this one back in the box after Easter is over, is a great feature! The quality is great and I really hope Lennox loves her new Easter basket once the bunny arrives!

If you are trying to finish up your Easter Bunny shopping, here are 100 non-candy Easter basket filler ideas!

100 Easter Basket Fillers100 Easter Basket Filler Ideas

  1. Bubbles
  2. Crayons
  3. Markers
  4. Coloring Book
  5. Balloons
  6. Yo-Yo
  7. Stuffed Animal
  8. Pajama
  9. Socks
  10. Headbands
  11. Hair bows
  12. Matchbox Cars
  13. Play Jewelry
  14. Puzzle
  15. Book
  16. Jump Rope
  17. Word Search Books
  18. Parachute Army Men
  19. Slippers
  20. Bubble Bath
  21. Bath Toys
  22. Bouncy Balls
  23. Character Cup
  24. Crazy Straws
  25. Sunglasses
  26. Water Colors
  27. Paint Brushes
  28. Nail Polish
  29. Stickers
  30. Temporary Tattoos
  31. Action Figures
  32. Music CDs
  33. Movie DVDs
  34. Toothbrush
  35. Sidewalk Chalk
  36. Stamps
  37. Glow Sticks
  38. Silly Putty
  39. Slinky
  40. Mad Libs
  41. Cross Word Puzzles
  42. Pencils
  43. Small Notebook / Journal
  44. Mini-Calendar
  45. Magnet ABC Letters
  46. Frisbee
  47. Play-Doh
  48. Baseball Cards / Trading Cards
  49. Barbie
  50. My Little Pony
  51. Polly Pocket
  52. Bible
  53. Wallet
  54. Gift Card (for older kids)
  55. Kite
  56. Legos
  57. Character Plate
  58. Character Spoon
  59. Character Fork
  60. Bathing Suit
  61. T-Shirt
  62. Swim Goggles
  63. Sandbox Toys
  64. Pool Toys
  65. Baseball
  66. Wiffle Balls
  67. Bunny Ears
  68. Socks
  69. Loom Bands
  70. Color Bath Tablets
  71. Playing Cards
  72. Slap Bracelet
  73. Flash Cards
  74. Window Clings
  75. Paper Dolls
  76. Night Lite
  77. Character “Magic” Wash Cloth
  78. Water Gun
  79. Silly String
  80. Character Band Aids
  81. Water Bottle
  82. Microwave Popcorn
  83. Chapstick / Lip Gloss
  84. Nerf Gun
  85. Bath Crayons
  86. Beach Towel
  87. Beads
  88. Glue Sticks
  89. Money
  90. Little People
  91. Headphones
  92. Jacks
  93. Marbles
  94. Plastic Rings
  95. Stick-on Earrings
  96. Tea Set
  97. Wind Up Toys
  98. Video Game
  99. Plastic animals
  100. Letter from the Easter Bunny

So what is your all time favorite item to include in Easter basket?

Disclaimer: I received the above Easter basket in return for this post.

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