First the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Now This!


A few weeks ago, Kyle and I took the day off to head to Dallas bright and early to pick up our Conan tickets! Conan headed to Dallas for a week of shows and we were lucky enough to be picked from the ticket lottery! The process to get tickets was a little strange, you had to sign up for the lottery, you get chosen but you are not given an actual ticket / seat. You then have to show up in the morning (we showed up an hour early and there was a line around the building) and then tickets are first come first served (with the lottery confirmation).


Thankfully, we got “yellow” which meant we were on the lower level and ended up only being about 10 rows from the stage, and right in the middle. Our seats were great! There were a group of people there at 2AM (we got there at 8AM) and they were only 5 rows in front of us. So not worth going at 2AM!


Anyway, once we got our tickets we headed around Dallas for the morning together and eventually ended up in the ConeZone at Main Street Garden Park.

IMG_6013 IMG_6014 IMG_6027

It was fun to be involved in all the excitement that was “Conan Does Dallas”. They had a number of contests, activities and events going on throughout the city and almost every ad spot around the city was turned orange and had a big ol’ Conan on it!

IMG_6077 IMG_6079

Once it was time for the show, it was pretty awesome to see how they did it all behind the scenes! Even though it is not a live show, it is taped as if it was. We had the 3 minute commercial breaks and they rushed around like crazy people setting up the stage for the next segment. The crowd was so excited and although we didn’t have the best guests of the week (Charles Barkley & Lyle Lovett) – it ended up being a blast!

IMG_6066 IMG_6052

If you ever get a chance to go to a taping of Conan, you really should check it out! I would LOVE to go see Jimmy Fallon!

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