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Ditch the Kitchen & Spend Your Time with Your Family Before Dinner! #NewFavorites

cbias-disclaimerOn the average workday, I get to see Lennox for a total of 4 hours a day. FOUR! That is kind of depressing. So those few hours become very precious. Some weeks it seems like we don’t actually do that much – other than just sitting around the house, but I try to find new things for her to do and actually do some activities with her rather than siting on the couch watching tv! Trying to find time to cook dinner and still spend time with the family can be hard so cooking from scratch just is not realistic a lot of times during the week. That is where Stouffer’s Meat Lover’s Lasagna and New York Texas Toast comes into the picture.

New - Stouffer's Family Meat Lovers Lasagna

I love lasagna, it’s one of my favorite meals – but making it when I get home from work, isn’t going to happen. Some frozen meals, really are not that tasty, but Stouffer’s always has some great meal options and tastes delicious! So when I did my grocery shopping at Walmart over the weekend, I made sure to pick up one of these new Meat Lover’s Lasagna and some garlic bread to pop in the oven after a busy work day, and I’m so glad I did! If you head to Walmart to buy this dinner, make sure to check for the coupon on boxes of New York Texas Toast – when buying these two items together, you get $1.00 off!

Stouffer's Meat Lovers Lasagna Available at Walmart

With only 3 hours in the afternoon / evening to spend with Lennox is a priority over cooking dinner! Instead of standing in the kitchen cooking, I would much rather be playing pretend, going for a walk, riding bikes, doing a craft, snuggling on the couch, or playing hide and seek!

So, that is just what we did! While dinner was cooking, I was able to sit down with the family and do some Easter crafts. Lennox loves doing projects and crafts, so she was very excited to do one, that all three of us could partake in.

family time

We made a jelly bean necklace for Lennox and then as a family, we made some Easter decorations to add to our centerpiece easter basket on the dinner table! Our Easter decoration was an easy craft but still took a little bit of time – much better time spent together as a family, rather than cooking in the kitchen!

I bought some foam easter eggs and egg stickers (from the dollar store) and then used markers to decorate them. Lennox, Kyle and I each decorated two eggs and then Lennox named them all! Check out our make-believe easter egg family! After dinner, she gave them all kisses goodnight. How sweet!

Easter Egg FamilyOnce we were done with our projects, dinner was almost ready. Lennox went up to get her pajamas on and I got dinner on the table (quickly!). Once Lennox came down for dinner, she said that it all looked yummy and she ate almost every single thing on her plate – I call that a successful dinner!

Kid Approved Lasagna Dinner

I didn’t have to do much to get this dinner together. I took the lasagna out of the freezer and put it into the oven (if you have even less time you can cook it in the microwave), toasted the New York Texas Toast in the toaster oven for 3 minutes and threw a quick salad together! Voila, dinner is served!

Easy Lasagna DinnerNext time you are at Walmart, make sure to go to the frozen food aisle and grab a New Stouffer’s Family Size Meat Lovers Lasagna and some New York Texas Toast so that you can ditch the kitchen and spend more time with your family before dinnertime! 
Easy Lasagna Family Dinner

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and #NewFavorites. I was compensated for this recipe but all opinions and photos are 100% my own!
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  1. Censie

    WE love fast meals too. Just like you we only have a short 3 hours with our kids every evening. it is hard! Thank you for this idea. Looks yummy!!


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