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George, Gracie & Lily are Living the GOODLIFE™! #goodlifepet #shop


Great Indoor Cat Food by GOODLIFEtm BrandGeorge, Gracie & Lily. These 3 little furballs are our kitties! We are always making sure that we give all three of them the right attention and nutrition, especially good cat food! But before I talk about that, I wanted to share their adoption stories! George and Gracie were adopted from the Fort Worth animal shelter and were just sitting in a little cage by themselves. They were brother and sister from the same litter and looking for a new home! They were already named and so very cute! I couldn’t resist taking them home to my apartment. They became my little companions soon after moving to Texas. They both have our quirks that drive us a little nutty, they overall are very sweet cats. George doesn’t do much wrong at all other than beat up his sister!

our-catsLily, was a stray kitten that was one of 4 other kittens that were up for adoption by the humane society at a pet adoption day at my work. I went to volunteer walking the dogs and taking care of the cats – I didn’t get much further than Lily’s crate when I just had to take that little snowball of white. I called Kyle and he came and got her! She was the sweetest, most playful little kitten. It turns out that she was our little kitty one day before finding out that we were pregnant with Lennox! Lily got a ton of attention while I was pregnant. She would even sleep wrapped around my belly as it grew. From the day we brought home Lennox from the hospital – she has never been the same to me! She truly dislikes me now because I brought home a new baby! It’s silly – but it’s so true if you see how she acts now versus pre-Lennox! She is now a lap cat with Kyle and I think he likes it!!

So although they all are a little nutty, we always are making sure that they eat healthy food. They are indoor cats exclusively so we want to make sure to keep them as healthy as we can, with their limited exercise. All three cats seem to be getting a little plump lately so we thought a change in diet may be in order. I headed to the pet food aisle at Walmart – since it seems that they are the lowest priced and looked at bunch of different brands.

GOODLIFEtm Brand Cat Food at WalmartWe chose to go with GOODLIFE™ Brand Dry Cat Food and the Indoor Recipe. One of the reasons we choose this one was price, ingredients and benefits. The package we got had a $1 off coupon attached as well, which just made it an ever better deal! The packaging stated that GOODLIFE™ Brand had a higher amount of fiber to help control hairballs (yes please! I hate all the hairballs – especially in the middle of the night!), chicken as the #1 ingredient and no corn, soy or wheat. The indoor recipe of GOODLIFE™ also has a bunch of antioxidants in it to help support a stronger immune system; something that we need to watch as our kitties get a little older and lazier!

Our Cats Love GOODLIFE(tm) Brand Cat Food!So far, our cats love it! They ate it all up super quick with no problems. Sometimes when we switch foods, it seems that they can get sick but this has gone fine! It almost seemed like they couldn’t wait for me to open it. All three cats came running when they heard it! I took the opportunity to buy them a new mat, toys and bowl as well – they seem to be happy with it all!

GOODLIFE Brand Dry Cat Food - Indoor RecipeIf you are looking for a new cat food for your cat, I would recommend this one as a healthy and affordable option! When you head to Walmart, if your packages of GOODLIFE™ at Walmart do not have coupons on them already, there is a $1 printable GOODLIFE™ coupon available on their website.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for #CollectiveBias and #goodlifepet. I was compensated for this post but all opinions and photos are 100% my own!
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