how to make an online baby book

How to Make Online / Digital Baby Book

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how to make an online baby book

We all have baby books for our children, but who has actually finished and kept up with the book? I know I got all the information in there about birth and the first few months but once I had to go back to school and life started to get more hectic, the book was put away and hasn’t been touched much since! I have come across this great tool, app and website and had to share it with you that will fix just this problem. I actually wish it was around when I had Lennox because I think then, I would have kept up with it better. The tool is called Blinkbuggy.

Blinkbuggy_logo_tag-5ca3a79858528e83297debd74d548587The idea of Blinkbuggy is that they have reinvented the idea of a baby book for the lifestyles of today’s parents. We are all involved in so much technology and digital photography, that we don’t always have a tangible object to glue into a baby book. Instead – use the power of the internet and collect countless memories into one spot that can be shared with family, friends or kept private for yourself.

I have started to use Blinkbuggy to document Lennox’s performances with TOT – her basketball skills team! It would be great for arts and crafts, school programs, travel, everyday moments or anything and everything in between! You can add in photos, quotes and even just plain notes to remember what happened on any given day. This would be so much fun to look back on over the years. Here is an example of someone documenting their pregnancy! How fun and easy!

Here is the start to our memory book for TOTs!

blinkbuggy-my-memoriesYou can look at it in the “memory / grid” view to see an overview of everything or you can scroll through one by one and see the comments and labels you gave photos. blinkbuggy-memoryA brand new feature that Blinkbuggy just introduced was the ability to print – which is great! Get an event all complete or each year of your child’s life and then you can print out a memory book!

Screen-Shot-2014-04-27-at-4.09.04-PMThe best part of all is that you can do this from your computer or from your iPhone! The fact that you can upload all those photos you snap on your phone, is great. I know that so many of us only use our phone to take pictures and sometimes its hard to get them off the phone, onto the computer and uploaded. Now you can add all those memories right into Blinkbuggy.

This service is FREE and if you sign up before the end of April, you will be entered into the Blinkbuggys Spring Fling Giveaway to win one of three 20-page Blinkbuggy Memory Books! Sign up today!

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2 thoughts on “How to Make Online / Digital Baby Book

  1. Shannon

    OMG. This is amazing!!!!!! I’ve been feeling so bad about not blogging so much about this baby when I did so much for Jack, and now there is this! PERFECT!!!!!! Now I’ll be able to make a digital baby book for this baby, using what’s already glued to my hand – my iPhone! Thank you so much for sharing!


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