Magic Easter Seeds, Easter Lollipop Seeds

Magical Easter Seeds + Easter Seed Packet Printable

All the holidays are somewhat magical at the age for 3 and 4 I think! Each holiday I try to find new traditions and fun activities to incorporate to help Lennox have the best holidays ever as a little kid! I have heard of the whole magic Easter seeds before but have never really tried it out – so this year I thought we would give it a whirl!

Magic Easter Seeds, Easter Lollipop SeedsThe whole object of the Magical Easter Seeds is to plant some seeds, jelly beans, beans, etc before Easter and then the Easter bunny will make them grow for Easter morning! They won’t turn into flowers though, they will turn into lollipops!

I decided to make a quick little seed packet printable that you can make at home as well!

Click for Printable Easter Seed PacketWhat You Will Need:


STEP ONE: Have your child fill up the flower-pot with potting soil, dirt, sand (whatever you have available!)

STEP TWO: Give your child the magical Easter seed packet and ask them to plant the seeds in the pot.

easter-magic-seeds-printableSTEP THREE: Cover up the seeds with more dirt. Feel free to water the pot, just for fun, or if you are really using flower seeds as I did, eventually some flowers will grow!

STEP FOUR: Leave the pot out in the front yard, porch, sunroom, deck, etc. Just somewhere, where the Easter Bunny will be able to find it on Easter morning.

easter-magic-seedsSTEP FIVE: After your child goes to sleep on the night before Easter, stick a bunch of lollipops into the flower pot to surprise them on Easter morning!

easter-magic-seeds-lollipopsThat’s it! If you have older children, you can match the color of the jellybeans to the color of the lollipops, include grass, other candy, etc. Just the lollipops should be fine for younger children!

Happy Easter and enjoy this magical Easter surprise!

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