Montessori Gardening Day

Last friday was Lennox’s third year to participate in her school’s gardening day! I always love gardening day – it’s fun to go pick out the plants with Lennox, come help out at school on the day and see all the little kids, doing something they love – planting and playing in the dirt!

Now that Lennox is in the “big kid class” they have more freedom to pick out whichever plants they want and figure out where best they would be to plant them. Each week they will water them and watch them grow. Once the fruit and veggie plants produce fruits/veggies, they will get to pick them and eat them too!

lennox-gardening-day-2014 lennox-gardening

Time to get down to business with these strawberry plants mom!lennox-strawberry-gardening lennox-strawberry-plants

Time to water the Daisies!lennox-watering-flowers

The veggie garden was all marked off this year to give each plant some room – Lennox planted some cherry tomatoes!montessori-gardening-dayHere Lennox is watering .. aka drowning … her strawberry plants!

montessori-gardeningOne of my favorite pictures is this one… and it’s not even Lennox but its one of her best buds!


It was a successful morning and Lennox had a great time! I love that I was able to stop in and participate as well.

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