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Montessori Recycling & Upcycling, Inspired by Bigelow #AmericasTea #shop

cbias-disclaimerWhile at Walmart the other day, I wanted to buy some new tea. I was initially just looked for some night-time / calming tea to drink at night while relaxing, and then came across some other great flavors by Bigelow. After reading some of the information on their boxes once at home, I learned that Bigelow is a great company; maybe one of the best American tea companies out there!

bigelow teas available at walmart“Do the right thing, and good things will follow”, is the motto that Bigelow Tea lives by. It’s a good mantra to have in live in general. Really, more people should live by this! But that isn’t what this post is about. I want to make you aware of the fact that Bigelow Tea is the best tea around! They are a family owned, American, zero-waste company that takes pride in producing a sustainable product.

Bigelow Tea - Sustainable Tea Product - Zero WasteWith this in mind and in honor of Earth Day yesterday, I wanted to introduce some green / earth friendly things to Lennox’s. I decided to show her how tea was made (for some reason this was super interesting to her!), how to upcycle an empty box and how and what you can recycle rather than throwing in the trash.

First, we talked about tea and how it is made. She even tried her first cup of hot tea (ok, warm tea with an ice-cube!). She really liked the Cozy Chamomile because it would help her sleep (you know, after one sip!!).

Bigelow TeaAfter we talked about Tea, I moved on to recycling! Lennox has learned a little bit about recycling at her Montessori school, but I haven’t noticed them actually doing much recycling. So it took it upon myself to help her learn how to recycle and set her up a kid friendly recycling center at home!

DIY Montessori Recycling Center WorkWe went around the house and found some trash to recycle (and I created some new trash for practicing). She loved figuring out what went where. She even tried to throw away items that weren’t trash yet! Later in the evening, we headed to the playground down the street and she saw a recycling bin – she ran over, so excited that it was a recycling bin too! My job is done!

Toddler Recycling ZoneLastly, we did a project together to upcycle some of the used tea boxes. I picked up a few supplies that only cost about $1 and I was able to create some new items for Lennox to use, such as a Crayon / Marker box and a decorated tea holder box, which would be a fun little gift to use for teacher appreciation gifts!

Upcycled Tea Box Crayon BoxTo make something like this, you just need to have:

scrapbook paper (or fabric).

What you would need to do is:

1. Pull the box apart carefully so that it lays flat and cut off the top.
2. Put glue all over one side of the box and press it onto the backside of the scrapbook paper (or fabric).
3. Cut around the box edges and refold the box back up.
4. Place some glue on the inside corners to reassemble the box!
5. If you want to line the inside, you can do so before folding the box up. It’s pretty simple! You could even mod-podge the box if you want a shiny finish.

The same box could be used as a tea bag holder for a teachers gift.

Upcycle Tea Box Teachers GiftBigelow Tea is available at Walmart for a very affordable price. Also, if you love Bigelow as much as we do, make sure to head over to their Facebook page and enter the “Thank You Mom” Sweepstakes, which ends on April 30th.

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5 thoughts on “Montessori Recycling & Upcycling, Inspired by Bigelow #AmericasTea #shop

  1. Brandie

    What a great learning project to set up your own recycling bins at home…isn’t it great when kids get excited about stuff like this? And a great reuse of the Bigelow Tea box. Bigelow makes so many sustainable actions with their company that I’m sure they would be proud of yours! #client

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