4th Year – Montessori Celebration of Life

Lennox’s birthday may not be until June but since this is the last week of school with her normal teacher, she decided she wanted to have her Celebration of Life (Birthday celebration) before the school year ended.

03_celebration-of-life-2014 A celebration of life sounds a little silly at first but Lennox loves it. What it really is, is just a celebration to honor what the child has accomplished so far in their little life. The ceremony includes the discussion / story telling of one or two major events for each year of their life, accompanied by photos to share with the class.


After each year of accomplishments, she is asked to travel around the sun (as the earth) from month to month (Working on their months at the same time – it is Montessori after all!).


Then of course, they sang Lennox the Happy Birthday song – which she loved and she blew out the candle (aka the Sun).


The other part of the Celebration of Life is that we bring in snacks and she share them with all her friends. These snacks are not much different form what they have on a daily basis but the fact that Lennox brought them in – is exciting to the little kids!


After the celebration was over. It was time for me to get ready to leave and Lennox to get back to her work. She loved that I was there and wanted to show off some of her new works! This one she picked was all about counting and matching numbers with objects.


Here are the photos that were including in her photo album for her celebration:

4 YEAR OLD celebration of life photos

This is a look back at her Celebration last year too!

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