Barbie Cupcake Ideas

Barbie Birthday Party Planning: Cupcakes

Lennox’s birthday party is in a few weeks and this year she has chosen to have a Barbie themed birthday party. Last year she chose Lalaloopsy, so one pink theme to another! I’ve been pinning ideas for her Barbie party for some time now and it’s finally time to make a few decisions.

The party itself, will be at the neighborhood spray park. I love the fact that I can take advantage of a “free” party location while I still can. I know eventually she’ll want her party at somewhere that costs much more per kid! Until then, she can invite all her friends in school and it’s no worry at all!

The first decision I have to make is cupcakes! I asked Lennox if she thought I should order a cake or make cupcakes (as I always do) and she said cupcakes! I would have to say that I do make some pretty good cupcakes!

So here are my top choices so far – what do you think would be the best ones to make?

Barbie Cupcake Ideas

(from top/bottom – left/right – all taken from pinterest)

Barbie Birthday Cupcakes

  1. Barbie Cupcake #1
  2. Chocolate Rainbow Cupcake
  3. Barbie Cupcake #2
  4. Barbie Cupcake #3
  5. Cupcake Cake
  6. Barbie Cupcake #4
  7. Barbie Rainbow Cupcake
  8. Barbie Cupcake #5
  9. Barbie Cupcake #6

To see all of these pins, here is my Barbie Birthday Party Pinterest board:

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