Frozen Swimsuit, Elsa Bathing Suit

Frozen / Elsa Themed Bathing Suit

Just a quick little post for a product I wanted to share. I was looking for a Barbie swimsuit for Lennox’s birthday party in June – apparently, no where sells Barbie themed suits this year (of course) so I looked online and found that eBay was the only spot. Found one, for $10, can’t beat that – even if it’s not the best quality – it will work for 1 day at a birthday party and then playing in the kiddie pool in the yard!

But, while I was looking for Barbie, I also stumbled upon a Frozen themed swim suit for only $10! Elsa at that too! I had to share with all of you because I know there is an overwhelming number of Frozen fans out there and it’s pretty painful to try to find ANY Frozen merchandise! You can find it here:

Frozen Swimsuit, Elsa Bathing Suit

By the way – Target Dollar Spot also has as few Frozen things out – If you can find them! I found a Frozen word search book and puzzle to save for a little later for Lennox!

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