Headed to #SoFabCon14 – This is Me + Link Up

#SoFabCon14 starts Thursday and I’ll be heading to Arkansas to meet friends and make new connections with bloggers and brands! I may not be 100% ready just yet as far as packing, but personally I’m super excited! I have only been to a large blogging conference like BlogHer’13 or SXSW before, so I am really looking forward to see what it’s like a smaller, tighter knit community event. I wrote a post like this prior to BlogHer’13 and thought it would be fun for #SoFabCon14 as well. We always have our photos up on the blog but sometimes we really don’t look like our head shots – time to show us the “real” you and what you currently look like!

I'm attending SoFabCon

If you are attending #SoFabCon14 make sure to link up at the bottom of this post so that we can all get to know each other before meeting up in Bentonville, AR! If you see me wandering around aimlessly, just grab my attention and ask me about them!

5 Random Facts About Me

  1. This is my first #SoFabCon! I have been a member of Social Fabric for a little over a year now!
  2. I love to travel and wish I could take many trips every year! Some of my top destinations on the bucket list right now are Italy, Greece, Australia, NYC (again), Bora Bora, Dubai and Hawaii (the list goes on!).

    AND I just yesterday won a trip from work!! $2500 to go where ever I want – where would you go?

  3. Chocolate candy is my all time favorite treat!
  4. My favorite movie as a child was Drop Dead Fred. I tried to watch it now as an adult (It was streaming on Netflix) and I couldn’t even make it in 20 minutes! That made me kind of sad!
  5. I work with a Gnome – interested? Ask me about it!


5 Interesting Blog Posts

#SOFABCON14 “This is Me” Link Up

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4 thoughts on “Headed to #SoFabCon14 – This is Me + Link Up

  1. Kami

    OMG I loved Drop Dead Fred when I was a kid! I haven’t yet watched it as a adult. Maybe I shouldn’t, it might ruin it for me!


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