Learning to Swim

There is something about entering an indoor pool area – smelling the scent of chlorine, the humid air, heading into the changing room to put on your bathing suit and then jumping into the pool – it all brings back lots of FUN memories of swimming lessons and hotel stays (with indoor pools!) from when I was a kid. I realized this and notice this, on Wednesday when I brought Lennox, to her very first swimming lessons!

We don’t have our own pool but we have neighborhood pools that open up next week and we can’t wait to spend countless hours here this year:


Lennox has no fear of water – remember last year when I told you about the time Lennox ran and jumped in w/ out any floats when she was told not to? Yeah, that was a little scary. Read about that here.heritage-slide-pool

Well, now that she is getting bigger (FOUR years old next month!) it was time to get serious and take some real swimming lessons. We decided to try private swimming lessons rather than group lessons. Since we were doing these to learn the skill of swimming rather than an activity for Lennox – we thought private would be best and we could get the most out of our time!

We are lucky to have a great aquatic center in town, and were matched with a fantastic teacher, Jessica. Jessica is the nicest girl! She is a lifeguard who also teaches swimming. The first class, she got Lennox right into the water and starting to swim. No small introductions to the water or holding our breath – just right down to business! Kicking our legs, making big “ice cream scoops” with our arms and putting her face in the water.

Lennox is catching on quickly and within a few more classes, should be swimming on her own! She is only being held up right now by a finger or two! We’re very proud of her and it’s so cute to watch her in the water! I can’t wait for the pools to open so that we can practice and play!

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7 thoughts on “Learning to Swim

  1. Shannon

    Love it – Owen doesn’t have a fear of water at all either – which was a huge cause for concern when we had him in lessons last year. He just thought it was play time, all the time. Hoping to get him into private lessons this summer, then full on in the fall!

  2. Mel

    I’m curious to see how Lexie does this year!!! Last year she was not a fan of the water at all (only the stairs because she could touch!). My friend taught her boys last year and were hoping to teach Lexie this year 🙂

  3. Censie

    Jude loves swimming but hates jumping in! So weird. We are working on it though and have been in swimming lessons for about a year now. He is getting better and we are ready for summer!

    1. Heather Post author

      She loves them so far! I wish we could keep her in lessons all the time but $$ will limit it some! At least our neighborhood pools open up this weekend!

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