Learning to Write with Nature Crayola and Juicy Juice #ultimateplaydate

Learning to Write the Montessori Way with Crayola & Juicy Juice

When we get home from work and school each day, we only have a few hours with Lennox. Some days, it’s been a long day and we all need to chill out but some days we need to find activities to keep Lennox entertained and to spend time family time together! Sometimes we do crafting, sometimes we cook, go to the water park/pools, a walk, a playdate outside, etc. This week we decided to head outside and have a snack time picnic and work on our writing through nature.

Learning to Write with Nature Crayola and Juicy Juice #ultimateplaydate

Montessori Nature HuntBefore we could start our writing practice, we got some snacks together. It’s warm out, so of course the first thing we grabbed out of the fridge was a few Juicy Juice Juice Boxes! Lennox loves how all the Juicy Juices packages have animals made out of fruit. She always asks for butterflies, hippos or turtles! Once we got our drinks, we grabbed a plate for apple slices and some frozen banana slices. Lennox grabbed her favorite picnic blanket and out to the yard we went!

Juicy Juice Picnic #ultimateplaydate

The first thing I did with Lennox was let her run around the yard looking for different things in nature. Usually I’m telling her not to pick the flowers and leaves off the bush, so this time she was excited she was able to! She picked up a rock, acorn, flower, leaf and wood chip from the garden. They are all minor things – but they all worked for this activity!

Montessori Nature Hunt

Once she had everything picked out, I had her select one item to start with and we figured out how to spell it. She chose a flower and we sounded it out, figuring out it started with F. I wrote a few F’s for her and she was ready to start writing herself. Watch her learn to write:

I find that Crayola products work the best when Lennox is trying to write. She hasn’t learned she has to press down a little harder, so when she uses a pencil or pen, you can barely see what she is writing. Using a Crayola Marker, Write Start Colored Pencil or Sidewalk Chalk seem to work best.

Montessori Learning to Write with Nature

Once she was done writing her F’s we moved on to another object – she picked Acorn. I wrote Acorn out and asked her to copy it. At her Montessori school they do this a lot – putting an object together with writing. Either copying a word/letter or tracing seems to be the best way for them to learn. She still has plenty of work to do – but it is getting better and better and I’m so proud of her!

Juicy Juice Crayola Montessori Nature Writing

Juicy Juice Crayola Montessori Nature Writing

If you are looking for some new Crayola supplies to use this summer for an #ultimateplaydate , summer craft, or just an afternoon of play, you should head to Walmart and pick up some Juicy Juice juice boxes in the Juice aisle! Specially marked packages of Juicy Juice right now have a coupon pack on the back, good for various Crayola products!

juicy juice crayola coupons

It’s almost summer and it’s time to get outside and enjoy playing with your children and their friends! Don’t forget the Crayola products and Juicy Juice drinks!J Juice Crayola Montessori Nature Writing

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. #cbias #ultimateplaydate #shop. All opinions and photos are 100% my own.

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3 thoughts on “Learning to Write the Montessori Way with Crayola & Juicy Juice

  1. Censie

    I am so impressed with her writing skills. Jude struggles to even try to copy his name. It is on our list of things to work on this summer and I will be using your idea of doing it with sidewalk chalk! Looks like a great time outside!

  2. Stephanie

    What a great idea! I need to remember this during the summer when my boys are not in school – love that they can have fun while practicing their writing/spelling! #client


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