Montessori International Dinner Night 2014

Friday night was Lennox’s 3rd International Dinner Night at her Montessori school. If you haven’t read about this before, quickly – international dinner night is a Montessori tradition where all the families of the school come together for a dinner celebration (pot luck style) to celebrate all the different nationalities and heritage of their children. This gives a chance for all the parents to get together, the children to play outside of school and everyone to try some different foods they may not have experienced before!


This year was maybe the least eventful year, but it had the best food out of the 3 years! Not all of Lennox’s friends were there but she still had a great time. Especially with her teachers little girl! Her teacher has a 1-year-old that all the children just love. It was so funny watching them all run around after her! I have a feeling Lennox is going to love her new baby cousin soon!


After dinner, all the kids went outside and she got to run around like a little crazy person with them. Her best friend was not there, but in a way, I think that was good! She played with some of her other friends and we got to meet some of them. Here she is with two of her other favorites! Mahika on the right is only 4 – look how tall she is!


Isn’t her little red-head friend adorable too? Love these little girls!

I love this event each year at Lennox’s school. Any time I can see Lennox in her element with her friends – makes me happy! International dinner night also reminds me of how diverse Lennox’s school really is!

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5 thoughts on “Montessori International Dinner Night 2014

    1. Heather Post author

      I don’t have any of the recipes – but that is a good idea! We had a yummy corn dish that was Native American – that was one of my favorites!


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