Montessori Classroom Observations

Montessori Observations

I’ve been meaning to update you on our latest Montessori school events, I just haven’t had time to get it all down. In a time period of 2 weeks, we had 4 different events that we were able to attend at Lennox’s school – which makes us all very happy! It’s great being able to go get a peek at what Lennox is doing all day while we are at work. One of the events was our semi-annual classroom observation.

Montessori Classroom Observations

During the observation time, Kyle and I try to enter the classroom without distracting all of the children. For the most part (other than Lennox) we were successful. We quickly sat down around the classroom and just observed what was happening. Montessori classrooms do not act the way you would expect a school class to be acting. Every student was doing something different but it was calm, pretty quiet and everyone was working really hard. Lennox was having a one-on-one lesson with her teacher, which had her sorting objects by letter, then tracing the letter, then lastly writing the letter on the chalkboard a number of times. It was awesome to see her concentrating, listening to her teacher and keeping to her self. It was even better to see how well she would pick up and put everything in its place when told. Now if only she would do that at home!

The other children, both older and younger were working hard on their works as well. There were students sitting on the floor writing on their clipboards, there were some students reading, others practicing their life skills (pouring, washing, sorting, etc), and then there were some students doing more complex work such as geography, mathmatics, and even cultural studies. All these children, under 6 years old. It’s awesome!

One thing that I REALLY wish I could do at home is get Lennox so quiet, so quickly. When it was time for the teacher to tell everyone that it was clean up time and to get ready to go outside, she rang her Montessori bell. All the students (all ~25 of them) immediately stopped where they were, stopped talking and looked at the teacher. You could hear a pin drop in that room. Amazing for a room full of 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds! I need to get one of those bells!!

It really is great to watch your child learning and interacting with the teacher and other children. I wish I could stay all day and watch what she is doing – but that of course would get distracting! I’ll take the 30 minutes whenever I can get it!

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