My Massage Envy Experience for Mother’s Day

Last week I mentioned I was heading to Massage Envy for the first time to try out their facials. They are running promotions and advertising right now for Mother’s Day and I would have to say, after my experience, I would highly recommend Massage Envy as a Mother’s Day gift!

Massage Envy Spa

Since it was a new place for me, I wanted to share with you my experience and thoughts. When you first arrive at Massage Envy you will get checked in and they will bring you to a quiet room to fill out your paperwork. Massage Envy wants you to start to relax from the moment you walk into their spa. This paperwork will give them a little bit of personal and medical history and then your preferences for your facial or massage.


Once I was done with that, my esthetician came to get me, introduced herself and showed me to the spa-treatment room. We talked for a moment about my skin and what type of treatment I was looking for. I honestly had no idea what type of treatment/facial I wanted as I was unsure of what my skin really needed. She took a look and recommended the Anti-Aging treatment due to the exfoliation and sun damage treatment. Freckly sunburnt girl needs sun damage treatment? Shocker!!

Massage Envy Facial Treatment Options

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Anyway, I agreed that it was the best treatment. She started the treatment and explained what all she was going to do. She turned on the warm steam and got started. Throughout most of the treatment, she did not talk to me, letting me relax – which was SO nice to have an hour of peace and quiet. That isn’t a common occurrence for a mom!

The whole treatment felt really good, especially the massage. I think I could of had an hour of just that part! Think of how nice a massage feels, then imaging it just on your face and neck – it’s great!

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The results? When the facial was done and I got back up – my face felt good to the touch and in my skin, when I looked at it in the mirror – it looks much clearer and brighter, but red. The red did fade away within a few hours. i will note, the treatment I got was the maximum strength / strongest so if you have sensitive skin, this would not be the treatment for you. They do however have a sensitive skin facial! Anyway, after the redness faded away, my face still felt good and looked nice! The next day, my skin looked brighter, healthier, tighter and clear. The dryness that I had been experiencing is pretty much gone. I would really love to go back again in a month for another treatment and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Did you know?

30-Day Cycle: Skin cells regenerate about every 30 days. Monthly Healthy Skin facials keep you in control for more youthful-looking skin.

If you are interested in learning more about a first visit to massage envy or available treatments, make sure to check out their website. Membership starts at $49.99-$59.99 and would be a great gift for Mother’s Day!

Note: I received a free facial treatment in return for this post. All opinions are 1000% my own.

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