My #SoFabCon14 Recap – Part 2 – The People & Events

Yesterday I gave you an overview of my thoughts on the sessions at #SoFabCon14. I will be putting together some posts on the tips and tricks I learned, but before that, I want to share my thoughts on the people and events of #SoFabCon14.

But first – I have to show off our door at SoFabCon14! There was a small door decorating “contest” and we decided to go with #TBT / Welcome to the 80’s! It came out so great and it was so fun to come back to each day!



The People. This community is simply amazing. I didn’t realize there would be as many familiar faces as there ended up being – but that is great!

I of course, was a little nervous to meet my roommates for the first time. One of them (Censie from Building Our Story) is an online friend of mine who I spoke with daily but the other was a new contact (Jacquline from Creative Outpour) – so I have no idea what to expect. I think we always worry that someone will be somewhat crazy or weird – but trust me – neither of these girls are weird or crazy! It was so great getting to hang out with them and get to know them even better.


I am really glad that Censie and I got along well – as I’ll be in her neck of the woods in just a few short weeks for Kyle’s graduation and I look forward to spending more time with her and meeting her family (and her, mine!). As Jacquline put it – she would have never guessed we hadn’t met each other before and that we were meant to be friends!

Other than my roommates – it was fun to connect with others who I have followed online for quite some time. Not one person was rude, mean or stand off-ish – no matter what size their blog was. I love that!


Thursday: You can’t have a conference without some fun events! The first night we headed to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. On exhibit was A Taste of Modernism featuring Picasso, Matisse, Renoir and more. We had a cocktail hour and were able to wander around, mingle and start networking!


Friday: The second night, Tyson did a neat thing – instead of hosting a dinner – they gave each person a gift card to head out to dinner and make friends! Censie, Jacquline and I decided Houlihans would e a great spot to go and we ended up with a pretty good size group. We had a great dinner, full of fun conversation and then a little shopping afterwards.


Once we got back – it was time to get into our pajamas and head downstairs to the nickmom sponsored pajama dance party! Prior to dancing the night away, nickmom’s very own Stefanie Wilder-Taylor. She was hilarious and nickmom has some great programing for parents!


It was a great night full of karaoke, fun dancing, drinks, snacks and friends!


Saturday: Saturday night was Collective Bias’ 5th birthday bash. It wasn’t just any birthday party though, it was a masquerade ball! It was fun to get all dressed up, put on our masks and head downstairs for a dinner, the most yummy chocolate cake and dancing/mingling. I think everyone was a little tired by Saturday night from the weekend though, as it seemed to be an early night. But Censie and I still stayed up LATE talking, laughing and watching Bridesmaids! What a funny movie.


By Sunday morning, we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. It was fun to see familiar faces around the airport and on the flight. I was happy to only have a 50 minute flight home – so I could finally get home to Lennox – who conveniently was sick the WHOLE time I was out-of-town! Ugh!

Keep an eye out for some more posts about what exactly I learned at SoFabCon!

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