No, I wasn’t at Sofa Bacon, I was at #SoFabCon14!

Last weekend I headed to the second annual Social Fabric conference in North West Arkansas (Bentonville). Social Fabric is a community of influencers unlike any other. The sense of community in this group was amazing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. Everyone was so incredibly welcoming, nice and genuine. Including bloggers, brands, collective bias employees and campaign leaders. I already know that I will plan on going back for #SoFabCon15, because I would be crazy not to!


I’m going to break this into 2 different posts, as it’s a little too much to fit into one post. I hope to shed some light on what #SoFabCon is like and sway you to attend next year if you are a member of Collective Bias or you want to become a member!


You may remember that when I headed to #BlogHer13, I had a great time but I didn’t think too much of the sessions. This wasn’t the case at #SoFabCon14. The sessions were scheduled in a way that you only had to choose between 2 sessions – which makes it easier. There were 2 different tracks and we probably followed the same track the whole time. They also had a number of sessions that everyone was included in. It was more about quality than quantity. I really appreciate them taking time to make sure they had the best of the best speaking about each topic within the community.

The sessions I attended were great and I learned a great deal in every single one. That is a first from any conference blog related or work related! I attended a great session about the importance of Google+ and I must say, I will now work on that. Before attended I honestly paid very little attention and I finally learned why it is so important to embrace.


I also attended a photography class, a pinterest class and my favorite – from 0 to 150,000 views in 12 months by Nate from and – you may have also seen him on Extreme Couponing! He was an awesome presenter and gave a 100% transparent view into his blogging world and how he has had such great success in such a short period of time. He was a wealth of information and I really look forward to seeing what happens when I start using all of his tips and tricks!

I walked away from all of these sessions and the weekend with a vast new knowledge, a long list of notes and tips and a to-do list that is pretty long but exciting! In my mind, that is a very successful conference experience!

Stay tuned tomorrow to read about all the awesome people I met, the fun we had and the events we attended!


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7 thoughts on “No, I wasn’t at Sofa Bacon, I was at #SoFabCon14!

  1. Censie

    This was my first conference so I do not have anything to compare it too but it was fantastic. The sessions were full of great ideas and tips. My note book is full of things to do next!


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