Urbini Hummingbird Stroller: The World's Lightest Full-Feature Stroller

#Urbini Hummingbird: The World’s Lightest Stroller #MC #sponsored

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Urbini. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller: The World's Lightest Full-Feature Stroller

We have a lot of travel planned this year and almost always, our travel includes flying somewhere. We always have to make a decision on whether we should bring a stroller or not, and if so – which one do we bring? Lennox is almost four, so we don’t use a stroller on a daily basis anymore – but there are still times that a stroller is the best option and traveling through an airport, is one of those times. We almost didn’t bring a stroller last time we flew and we ended up having delays and gate/terminal changes – it would have been a nightmare without a stroller at 11pm in the airport! So glad we brought it. Anyway, my points is finding the best lightweight stroller is ideal for the traveling / on-the-go family!

I recently ordered the Urbini Hummingbird Stroller from Walmart.com. I chose the hot pink one (of course, Lennox’ favorite!) and I couldn’t wait for it to arrive since it said online that it was the World’s Lightest Full-Feature Stroller (7 pounds)! Would it really be that light? Would it feel like its going to fall apart? Can you really close it with just one hand? – I couldn’t wait to find out!

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller: The World's Lightest Full-Feature Stroller

My Urbini Hummingbird stroller arrived quickly and I was eager to open it and try it out. As soon as I opened the box, I was so happy – not because the stroller was here, or that it looked good – but because it always already assembled! All I had to do was snap the wheels on, which took all of 30 seconds! Yes! Finally something I don’t have to put together. It’s a small victory but fantastic surprise!

Once all together (30 seconds later), I was checking out all the features. The frame seems to be built from a strong, aluminum material, keeping it very lightweight. I could open/close the stroller easily, with one hand. The Urbini Hummingbird has a simple 5-point harness system for the straps – Lennox is to the point she doesn’t really need the straps, but they were not in the way to just push to the side or take the pads off. The stroller doesn’t have a tray of any sort, but does have a swivel arm bar which I think is better for an older child. They don’t really need a tray anymore – which just adds more weight. The seat reclines to a few positions and the sunshade easily goes up and down. There is no cup holder, which may be my 1 and only complaint, but most umbrella strollers do not. There is however a cargo net area on the bottom of the stroller allowing for your purse, bag, snack, drink, etc.

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller: The World's Lightest Full-Feature Stroller

Lastly, the weight – it really is EXTREMELY light weight. It’s almost unbelievable how light it is and how it can hold up to a 50lb child, but it can! After quickly folding it up, with one hand, I could even hold the stroller up with just 1 finger – score! The Urbini Stroller is just what we are looking for, for our traveling family! This stroller is lightweight that won’t take all your strength to carry through the airport security line, pull in and out of the car truck or push down the sidewalk, when your little one decides he/she wants to walk instead of ride!

Urbini Hummingbird Stroller: The World's Lightest Full-Feature Stroller

If you are looking for a new stroller for your toddler, check out Urbini Hummingbird or the whole new Urbini Baby product line at Walmart.com! You won’t be disappointed, especially at the price point of $99! You can find my full review on Walmart.com as well.

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  1. Jess

    I’m so glad our stroller days are behind us but also super jealous that so many fancy new ones have come out recently.


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