Y3W: Epic Temper Tantrum & A 3 Day Weekend

Melissa from Never a Dull Moment, is bringing back the beloved bloghop, Y3W: Your Three Words. This bloghop originiated with Jenni from Jenni from the Blog, but with 4 children her blogging has slowed down and Melissa has been nice enough to bring it back. #Y3W can be anything – a wrap up of the week, a look ahead at the weekend; whatever you please! It has been a while since I joined in, but here we go!


Never a Dull Moment

I’m looking forward to having a three day weekend all week! This week has been a wearing one on us in the evening, thanks to that cute little 3 year old we have. Lennox, of course has little temper tantrums and throws a fit, like all 3 year old’s – but the other night she had the mother of all tantrums. It all started when she didn’t like dinner the way it was and it just spiraled out of control! She was kicking and screaming in her room for AN HOUR. ONE FULL HOUR. I don’t know how she kept going – but we finally got her to calm down and give up and off to sleep she went.

We were on edge the rest of the week in the evenings, in hope that it wouldn’t happen again! Thankfully, it didn’t but it was so defeating and wearing, that I welcome the long weekend with Lennox at home and a break from work and school. She has lots of fun things planned for the weekend – hopefully it will be a good little break for her before the last week of school and the start of her summer program.

For the long weekend we will be enjoying our neighborhood pools opening up, swimming lessons, movies, Kyle is going to the Colonial Golf Tournament and some general fun family time. How do you plan on spending your long weekend?

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3 thoughts on “Y3W: Epic Temper Tantrum & A 3 Day Weekend

  1. mel

    Only way I can sum it up, “I have a love hate relationship with this age” I’m with ya! We had a major (and I mean screaming, crying, end of the world) meltdown tonight at daycare because she wasn’t first in line! ugh!


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