barbie birthday party decorations ideas

Barbie Birthday Party Planning: Decor

I shared my ideas for Cupcakes for Lennox’s birthday party and now I’m sharing some of my inspiration / ideas for decorations.

For her friends party – we will only have 1 table to decorate at the spray park. For her family party – I will use plenty of the same decorations but we will have our house to decorate. I don’t do a ton for the family party but I like to decorate some to make it fun for her and everyone else!

barbie birthday party decorations ideas

Barbie Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

I really love the Balloon Wreath, the Wooden name decorated and sparkly candle. I’m not sure what all I will use yet and what I will forget but so far – I have lots of great ideas!

Do you have any great Barbie / Water Park decoration ideas for a table?

You can view all of these pins and more on my Barbie Birthday Party Pinterest Board:

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