birthday gift ideas for a four year old girl

Birthday Gifts for a 4 Year Old

Lennox just turned FOUR! We had some family over to celebrate her birthday over the weekend, and her big Barbie birthday party is this coming Saturday! I can’t wait to show you what I have made for her party and share some tips on how to make the decor as well. I’ll be sharing all of that soon but first I wanted to show y’all what Miss Lennox got for her birthday from us!

birthday gift ideas for a four year old girl

Lennox is as girly as they get I think and she loves to play dress up. We have a number of princess dresses but we were missing some of the main princesses. I was able to score some great deals on 4 new princess dresses for her, at the spring Just Between Friends Fort Worth sale. She got Belle, Rapunzel, Aurora and Merida! These dresses ranged from $3-$8 – so much less than brand new and they look like new on her!


I also grabbed a Merida doll for $3 at JBF – she was in great condition – just needed a hair brush! I did buy an Ever After High doll (Raven Queen) at Target that she had been asking for but the star of the show, unexpectedly, were the $5 roller blades that I got Lennox. Wow, she loves them so much! The first day she shouldn’t stand up at all with them by herself, but now she can roll around the house and outside on the sidewalk for a good 10+ feet without needing help or falling! lennox-rollerskating

So that is what Lennox got from Mommy & Daddy. I can only image what else she may get over her birthday celebrations but I do know that she is having fun being a 4 year old!

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    1. Heather Post author

      So far so good – I should of mentioned that we got her knee pads and elbow pads too! once she gets going more, helmet too! big girl!


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